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You can read as much books you can, do online courses, watch YouTube videos… yes, this will help, but up to a certain level only. Don’t expect any dramatic transformations. No one will change until they’ve changed their beliefs on a subconscious level, and thus their energy.

I know. Because I was just like that. For years I’ve read everything about how the brain works and about energy in order to change your life. Things did change, yes, but the miracles happened when I started DOING the work that it requires to change deeply rooted beliefs about myself and my life. 

Why is this relevant? 

The information you learn stays in the conscious mind. But it’s in the subconscious mind where our deeply rooted beliefs and automatic behaviours are anchored. We’ve repeated them so often that it has become a hardware program.

How do we change?

By getting access to our subconscious and wiring in new beliefs and perceptions. For example, for years I repeated these statements “I AM not good enough, I AM not smart enough” … and so on. Now, everything you think and speak out loud starting with I AM, goes directly into the subconscious. Why? Because this is what you believe. And before you know it you start acting upon it. 

Meditation as a tool

I use meditation as a tool to change. Why? When we slow our brainwaves down we get access to the subconscious mind. You become more suggestible for new information. So this is where I bring up new positive statements about myself and my life, while emotionally embracing these future potentials in the quantum field. 

I never planned on doing any of this. My life radically changed forever when I started practicing, when I started doing the work; when I started to meditate in a very specific way.

Cosmic Essentials to create a new future

Here are the things that have been (and still are) essential to change those beliefs and emotions and manifest my wildest dreams.

  1. Knowledge: I believe that practicing the meditation becomes more effective when you know what you’re doing and why you are doing it. In my online course I’ll exactly teach you how to change!

I read books and fill my mind with modern science. Here are some of my favorite books that helped me to change my life:

  1. Awareness: in order to change what your thinking about all day long, you first need to become aware of what you’re thinking about. Suppose you want to manifest success, but you believe “I AM not successful, other are better, I can’t…” you first need to become aware of them, and next, change them into positive affirmations. I do that by journaling. Here’s my favorite journal:

In my illustrated guide (that comes with my online course Manifest) you’ll find the exact journaling exercises that I use, before I drop into meditation. Also, you need to become crystal clear on what your intention is. You need to make your future so bright that it burns your eyes. How to do that, you’ll find in my illustrated journal:

  1. Practice: I move into a deep meditative state, that’s where I bring up my positive affirmations and the images of my future. What I’m experiencing in my future, who I want to be, what things I have. 

In order to go inward more easily I use a black silk eye mask. This is the exact one I use: 

I do my own meditations, either with or without guidance. There’s a guided meditation in my online course, you can find it here. 

Or, I can record your personal guided meditation! You can ask for more info here.

After 4 weeks of doing my practice (the same practice over and over again) I exacalty manifested my intentions as I had seen them in my meditation. This changed my life forever!


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