I’m a trend setter, an adventurer, a coffee lover and a photographer! I love experiments and personal projects. Finding new perspectives and breathing in new life into old boring scenes is what inspires and gets me excited! If you call yourself a creative, proudly wear that title, be memorable, inspire others and always be ahead of the crowd! Be Evóra!


Awaken. Discover. Change.

After doing my specific meditative practice I've radically changed my life

I want to help you do the same

Hi, I’m Christine


The day after another extreme New Years Eve party in 2016 I concluded my life had become a mess.

I was unhappy. I dreamed of having my own department at the company I was working, but it wasn't happening.
My health started to deteriorate. I developed skin rashes, allergies and hair loss big time. Not really what a woman wants...

I was a young woman who was emotionally unbalanced and insecure. I had a lot of negative self talk and I based my self-worth on external things. I needed a career and compliments to boost my ego. And because I wanted it so bad I got even more stressed and anxious. As a result I got into conflicts, I was frustrated and I even developed a fear for public speaking.

Looking back, it’s clear to me why my body was giving me signs to press the “reset” button. I became aware of the fact that my own beliefs and thoughts got me into this in the first place. Now I know this was the energy signature I was broadcasting...

I Started To Invest In Me

I made a definite decision; to do everything I could to change my life! But where to start? I couldn’t do it any longer by myself. That was the moment I surrendered to the divine, to God, a higher intelligence. In that moment my journey started.

Three years of personal growth, healing and soul searching followed. Reading books, attending advanced courses of Dr. Joe Dispenza in Toronto, Gabrielle Bernstein, John Butcher (Life Book) and Lou Corona in the U.S. and Erica Jago.

I discovered a world full of magic & adventure. I learned the skill of focussing, observing and how to direct my thoughts and feelings towards the things I want in life.

I changed my energy.

The results left me in awe. I became fascinated by modern sciences like quantum physics and neuroscience demystifying what we would call miracles today.

Now I love to teach others to change their life as well!

Before Cosmic

Til my thirty eighth I followed the traditional path. I got my Masters degree in Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and graduated with an A for my Master Thesis at the Dutch Central Bank. In 2007 I started working for Foreign Affairs at the Dutch Embassy in Vienna. In 2011 I switched to the energy sector and worked eight years for a Dutch corporate reporting to the board on several large sustainable energy projects.

In September 2018 I founded Cosmic Life!