Is an online course to discovering your own Magic. It comes with an illustrated guide for practical manifestation. Welcome to your new future!


Learn 5 Proven Steps to Manifest.

And it's all backed by modern science

Magic is Real.

And you have Magic inside of you…

I've created this online course for you so you can learn my proven manifesting formula from your own comfortable space, in your own pace. Because I believe everyone deserves to know this mind blowing information and to live your fullest potential.

This course is for everyone who wants to integrate this manifesting practice in his or her (daily) life. This course is also a go for coaches, therapists and yoga teachers.

⋒ 13 video's
⋒ A downloadable Illustrated journal (e-book)
⋒ Guided Manifesting Meditation
⋒ Accesible for everyone
⋒ English spoken

"After doing the 5 Step Meditation for about three weeks I manifested my dream job, just like I had seen in my meditation"


Can You Imagine....

that the version of you being confident, happy, being with the love of your life, or owning that awesome business already exists, now? It exists as a very specific energetic signature. Health has its own vibration, wealth has its vibration, abundance is a specific vibration. It's like tuning into a specific radio program.

In this course I'll teach you my 5 Proven Steps to activate your energy and to tune in to the frequency of your dreams. In easy to understand steps and practical tools.

I make manifesting miracles easy for you! Get instant access to the online video's and start manifesting right away.


“Oh yes it's magic! Christine learned me that it's our natural state of being. That we are capable of anything. She explains this magic in understandable language that our minds can grasps. She showed me how to see myself in my full potential, helped me see that I am allowed to dream and that I am worthy and capable of anything my heart desires. I have a beautiful practice now which helps me to step into my full potential and manifest the life of my dreams. Enormously grateful for where I stand now and excited for everything that the future holds.”

The Modules

Online video's

What You'll Learn

We start this course by giving you a basic understanding about the concept of energy. How your energy attracts the future to you (quantum physics) and how your thoughts create your reality (neuroscience). The next video's are all about the 5 Proven Steps we follow during the actual meditation.

⋒ Video 1: Welcome
⋒ Video 2: About this course
⋒ Video 3: Science
⋒ Video 4: Meditation as a tool

The 5 Proven Steps of the meditation are:

⋒ Step 1: Gratitude
⋒ Step 2: Connect
⋒ Step 3: Intention
⋒ Step 4: Magnetize
⋒ Step 5: Gratitude

I've added the Extra Magic Steps that are crucial to manifesting your dreams:

⋒ Step 6: Ask
⋒ Step 7: Surrender

⋒ The Guided Manifesting Meditation

In your journal you have completely written out your personal script before you drop into the meditation. This is necessary because you will need to combine a clear intention with a strong and elevated emotion!

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This course comes in 3 packages

What Others Say



"My self confidence is growing and I’ve been experiencing so much beautiful synchronicities and new opportunities! By doing my daily meditation I’m so much more confident, also as a mother and as a business owner. The most stunning transformation? I’m confident, calm and grounded now...and there’s More: what I’ve been seeing in my visualization happened exactly as I intended it to be: I’m going to marry soon! I’m enormously grateful for Christine’s wisdom, inspiration and knowledge about the quantum field and the power of my thoughts!"


I'm amazed with what is happening! I can feel the universe shifting to different vibrations. I have no words for what I'm experiencing! I found a lot of spots where I'm stuck and I can see why I'm not there where I wan to be. This really is pure magic. I don't know who are on the same page, but the stuff you teach is mind blowing and amazing


Christine's teachings are unlike any other I have experienced. She truly is a modern mystic! Her mindfully crafted programs are firmly grounded in science and elevated by the cosmos. A potent blend! I have learned invaluable information and I've given effective tools. I have already experienced profound changes in my daily life and I can now see my future as limitless pure possibility.

My Experience

Blew my mind

My Story


“I designed my own meditation. In my own practice I saw and felt how it was going to happen. And after 4 weeks of practicing I manifested it. It happened exactly the way I imagined and as I felt it would happen .”
So, get ready for an online course that is life changing, if you’re committed to doing the work that it requires! Let me show you how power

After 4 weeks of doing my specific practice I've exactly manifested my intentions.

The Tools You'll Get

To Manifest.

1. Science

By understanding what you are doing in your practice and why you are doing it, manifesting suddenly starts to make sense. Your practice becomes very effective when you start grasping the science behind manifesting. Recent discoveries in the field of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience show that we are super creators and that we have all the machinery built inside of us to co-create our future.

2. Script

A beautiful illustrated guide is sent to your home. In this guide you'll find the journaling and scripting exercises to make your own tailor made manifesting script. The exercises follow along with the 5 steps of the actual meditation. You need to be crystal clear on what your intention is, what emotions you want to experience in your future, when doing the meditation!

3. Meditation

In order to change beliefs you need to make new neurological connections in your brain. The brain learns by repetition and by association. When we are in a deep meditative state we are slowing down our brainwaves from a normal beta brainwave to alpha and even theta or gamma brainwave state. Now the brain becomes more suggestible to information. And that’s where you’re able to change thinking patterns.

Price Regular Package

129 (incl. VAT 21% and shipping costs of the illustrated guide)

About the Illustrated Guide

Script your own meditation

The Illustrated Guide

The illustrated guide contains powerful journaling exercises that follow along with the 5 Proven Steps of the meditation. By doing these journaling exercises you create your own tailor made SCRIPT for the Manifesting Meditation.

You do these writing exercises before you drop into the meditation, so you can set a clear intention, combining that with a strong elevated emotion from your heart. And besides that, the act of writing and putting on paper what you want is essential because it really anchors and solidifies that you want it!

Enjoy this truly magical process!

Are You Ready

For your future?

The Results

⋒ Feel totally empowered to manifest your dreams
⋒ Become super clear on what you really want
⋒ Make lasting changes; imprinting new beliefs in your subconscious
⋒ Attract the things you want in life with ease and grace
⋒ You'll vibrate at a higher energetic frequency
⋒ You'll attract new opportunities
⋒ Synchronicities start to take place
⋒ You're less prone to negative vibrations and depression

Are you ready to become your own alchemist?
Let’s dive into the world of miracles, synchronicities and adventure right now!

Meet Your Host

Get inspired!

Hi, I'm Christine

Christine creates powerful coaching programs to help change lives and teaches about the science behind manifesting miracles.

She has in-depth knowledge about modern sciences like quantum physics and neuroscience and combines this with ancient wisdom. With her unique meditations, you enter your subconscious to change beliefs. And by activating your magnetic field you literally attract the life you want! Besides this, she’s creates delicious and healthy almond milk lattes blended with adaptogens. In her home by the sea, she lives with her man and their baby, Jack, surfing and hosting Cosmic Programs.

She has learned from the best teachers of our time
⋒ Heart Math Institute, 2019
⋒ Dr. Joe Dispenza, Advanced Retreats, 2018
⋒ Gabrielle Bernstein, Spirit Junkie Masterclass, 2018
⋒ Lou Corona, Raw Food Living, 2016

She's holds a Msc. in Economics.
She graduated from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and published her scientific research for the Dutch Central Bank.

Start Manifesting Your Dreams

Right away!


I am enormously grateful! With your knowledge about quantum physics and neuroscience everything suddenly started to make perfect sense! I now understand the laws of nature, and how the heart and the brain contribute to manifesting.

After doing the manifesting meditation I got the job that I was dreaming of! I felt such a glow because of the sudden synchronicities that started to happen. As a mother I want to spend as much time as I can with my daughter. And I manifested the perfect job at her school!

Learning how to manifest gave me so much confidence and trust. I deeply cherish everything I have learned!