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The Power of Intention – Part 2

March 29, 2020

5 Journaling exercises that can change your life

In the “Power of Intention” – Part 1 I showed you scientific evidence of how human thoughts can impact living and non-living things by focussed intent.

Now let’s make this very practical. So now you know that your thoughts are things. The first step then is to become very aware of what your thoughts are. 

If your internal voice is constantly criticizing all your moves as failures “see, that just wasn’t good enough again, Christine”, you will fail. If you think you can’t do math, you can’t. 

A negative thought about yourself (“I have no talents and I don’t have what it takes”) or anyone else may manifest as a physical energy that makes such a statement self- fulfilling. 

So, the first important exercise is to become very aware of your internal thoughts and stop thinking negatively. 

Here are 5 journaling exercises to help you do this:

Exercise 1: Create awareness and clear your mind of the negative

These are the thoughts that fill your head every day. No intention is going to work if your real desire doesn’t match your internal monologue. Your inner thoughts are your real intentions, the ones your subconscious really believes. Write down how many of the following thoughts you regularly play out in your mind:

  • Why does everything have to happen to me?
  • It’s going to be hard work.
  • I just don’t have enough money.
  • I’m not loveable.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • Things are getting worse and
  • I’m stuck and depressed
  • I’m experiencing fear and I’m alone.
  • I’m going to fail.

Write down any others thoughts of this variety that regularly come up in your thoughts.

Remember, these thoughts are your reality! When you start practicing, you must replace the negative with the positive. Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying something like that, immediately replace it with a new blueprint for your brain and subconscious, thoughts like:

  • I am going to have a great day
  • All good things will flow to me.
  • I have all that I need.
  •  I am cherished and loveable person.
  •  Things are getting better every day.
  • I know where I am headed.
  • I am successful.
  • I trust on divine timing.

Exercise 2: in your journal, list your not-helping thoughts and underneath each one write new positive statements

Like this:

  • It’s going to be hard work.
    • All good things will flow to me.

And so on.

Exercise 3: simply refuse to entertain a negative thought

Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, banish it and replace it with the positive one you have noted down.

Exercise 4: go through your day without a single negative thought 

So not about the bad weather, the women you see on Instagram who are doing “better” or who are growing faster, the woman across from you in the train, your spouse, your colleagues. Banish them immediately! All critical thinking about your work, your looks, your love life, your salary, your home or your pets goes out of the window!

Exercise 5: now, decide what thoughts you do want to put in their place about yourself. 

These new thoughts can also be what you want to manifest in your new future. Set yourself one clear, challenging but achievable goal. From the scientific experiments it

seems evident that specific intentions work best. So be highly specific in your goals. For example “I want to learn yoga or Spanish this year”, “I earn 20K this year”. Write them down, make a visioning board on Pinterest and look at it every day. Work on your new image and these goals as your new internal chatter.

Change your story, change your life!

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