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“The Power of Intention” Part 1

March 25, 2020

Can your thoughts shape your future?

Well, every moment of the day your thoughts – all the endless monologues and chatter inside your head, is manifesting itself as your reality.

Wow, I think this is so fascinating! But HOW can I use my own thoughts to create my future?

In this blog post “The Power of Intention” Part 1, I’m sharing scientific evidence that is mind-blowing! In Part 2 I’ll share 5 practical journaling exercises to make you become very aware of your own thoughts, which is this the very first step to manifest your own future!

“A thought is a THING” – Frank B. Robinson

When we think about having a thought about ourselves, about our lives and that of others, we think that they’re locked inside our head. And that it stays there. However, my understanding after diving into quantum physics and mind-blowing research is that intention is an energy with a corporeal form. It as real as your chair or your couch! So human thoughts are actually a physical something, with the amazing power to affect our world.

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“From science, it seems evident that specific intentions work best” – Lynn McTaggert

You can use this innate power to focus on your own life, heal your disease and we can collectively use it to improve our planet. You can use it to increase the chances of growing your garden, to grow your business, transform your body and even to heal remotely. 

The cool thing is that there’s a body of evidence showing that with our focussed intent we can have an effect on living and even on non-living things. More exactly, directed and coherent consciousness can “organize” incoherent consciousness that violates the laws of nature.

What Science tells us

In an extraordinary experiment by William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of physics at Stanford University, showed that by focussed intent he could speed up the growth of larvae of fruit flies by 15%. In Tiller’s experiment 4 experienced meditators went into a deep meditative state and mentally held a specific intention for about 15 minutes. And in an interesting experiment of Lynn McTaggert plant seeds of were grown by 16% by human intention. 

Each of us is potentially super human and has the awesome power to affect your life and the world around you!

Harness the Power of your Thoughts

A powerful and effective intention can be a simple thought that you repeat and continue to think of as often as you can and from which are not getting destructed. And, using intention effectively is a matter of disciplining your mind and to learn how to direct energy towards the things you want in life and how to harness your thoughts.

In part 2 of this series I’ll be sharing 5 journaling exercises to start practicing to use your powers!

Need more help?

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6. Ask the Universe for a Sign
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