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Script Your Meditation

You're about to discover your own Magic!
In this online course you'll learn my 5 Proven Steps to Manifest your dreams.

Maybe you've already received your illustrated guide, if not, you're free to already start watching the video's. This guide contains powerful journaling exercises that follow along with the 7 steps of the actual meditation. By doing these journaling exercises you create your own tailor made SCRIPT for the Manifesting Meditation.

Do these writing exercises after watching a video, but before you drop into the actual meditation, so you’ll have your script ready. You need to be crystal clear on what your intention is and what emotions you want to experience in your future, when doing the meditation.

Let's go!

Start Here!

The videos

Video 1: Welcome

My intention with this course is that you form a new belief!
That every version of you already exists in the Field and that you explore the power you have within. It’s just a matter of changing your energy and matching the frequency of of your desires!

So, get ready for an online course that can truly be life changing, if you’re committed to doing the work that it requires! Let me guide you. Let me inspire you. Let me motivate you. And let me show you how powerful you are. Because you know you have the innate power to create your own life!

Video 2: About this Course

How I’ve structured this course, in order for you to get most out of it:
This course about a specific meditative formula that consists of 5 steps which are all backed by modern science. In first two video's I first dive into the science behind manifesting magic and why we use meditation as a tool to manifest and materialize our dreams. The 5 steps are:

1. Gratitude
2. Connect
3. Intention
4. Magnetize
5. Gratitude

Steps 6 and 7 are essentiall steps to really let the Laws of Nature work for you.

Video 3: Science

Everything is energy.
It is within you and all around you. But you can’t see it.
There’s a field of energy or ‘frequency patterns’ that exist of particles and waves.
By quantum physicist called the Quantum Field.
And when those particles and waves are in their neutral state they represent infinite possibilities, until the moment we focus upon them with our thoughts and feelings.

Video 4: Meditation as a tool

When we are in a deep meditative state we are slowing down our brainwaves from a normal beta brainwave to alpha and even theta or gamma brainwave state.

When we lower our brainwaves, our brains become more suggestible to information and that’s where you’re able to change thinking patterns.

5 Proven Steps to Manifest

And it's all backed by modern science

Step 1: Gratitude

The first step of the Meditation is Gratitude.
This is all about practicing a genuine feeling of gratitude for what you have in your life now. In this step it is of major importance to genuinely FEEL thankful. Remember that this is one of the highest energy frequencies that you can emit. By doing this you open up your heart in order to cultivate the new emotions of your future.

Step 2: Connect

The second step of the meditation is about connecting to the Field. This sounds superficial but the only thing you have to do in this step is to get in the present moment. Meaning that your thoughts don’t drift off to what you are going to cook tonight, or to your mother in law, or think about your endless to-do list.

Step 3: Intention

When you are in this ultimate relaxed state, it’s time to let go of the past and to create your future. It’s of major importance to get crystal clear on what your intention is.
Now remember that everything in the Quantum Field has its own vibration. Health has a specific vibration, disease as well, wealth, abundance, freedom, confidence, groundedness...literally everything carries its own specific frequency. In this step of the meditation we become a match with that frequency of your dream by setting a clear intention.

Step 4: Magnetize

This is such an interesting part! In this step you combine your intention with visuals and feelings of how your future would look like. You’ll combine your clear intention with visuals in your mind, and you make those visuals so real that they will create elevated emotions of joy, inspiration and enthusiasm in your body! Let the images come to your mind and make the colors more vibrant, the voices you may hear louder and the smells stronger. Now you’re literally changing your energy! Can you feel that?

Step 5: Gratitude

In this last step of the meditation you are grateful again. But now for the future that you’ve been visualizing and feeling in your meditation! So even before you’ve manifested it. Try to cultivate this feeling of gratitude as good as you can. Sincerely feel thankful.

The science behind this gratitude is that your brain thinks you already have it.
Normally we’re feeling thankful when we receive a present, right? You automatically say thanks and you’re moved in some way.

The Extra Magic Steps

To manifest!

Step 6: Ask

These last steps will add magic to your life!
After you slowly come out of your meditation, take a few minutes to come back again and use this to ask for a sign to show that this is real! This may be weird for you at first, but after a few times asking you’ll feel that you build a relationship with this divine intelligence.

Step 7: Surrender

Now just let it all go. And live your day with the knowing, the trust and the belief that the event will come to you. Live your day like you prayer has been already answered. Do not over analyse how and when this will happen!

The Guided Manifesting Meditation

Repeat, radiate, manifest!

Meditate and Manifest

Now meditate!

Our brain memorizes through repetition so in order to create strong new neurological connections you’ll have to repeat the same meditation over and over again. For how long? Usually I do them until I see the results, or when I get bored to pull up the same visuals over and over again. Of course you can choose new visuals and adjust them to your wishes!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for doing this online mini course with me!
Please know that I am here to assist and support you in remembering your magnificence!
I stand beside you in gratitude. It is my intention to inspire you and to wire in a new belief that you’re much more powerful than you probably can imagine.

You can intensify your skills to change your energy and go more in depth by working with me in person or regularly check out my website or instagram for new awesome stuff and events!

I’d love to receive your review and please do share on your social media how you've liked it!
Thank you so much for joining me, love you and let’s Manifest, wherever you are in the world!

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And so the adventure begins...