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Friday 27 September, 14:45 Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam.
I was told it was going to be a press conference. I went upstairs and only saw two other people waiting. So we chatted a little. Where are you from and for what are you writing.

After a little while Gregg Braden’s PA came to call us in. Gregg was awaiting us and gave us a warm welcome hug. And the first thing I said in an impulse was “I love your boots”. He laughed and apologized. If he had known this he would have worn his cowboy python boots by Tony Lama.

The next moment his PA said “who wants to go first”? Go first??? What are you talking about? I instantly got nervous. I only had prepared a few questions. I thought I would be lucky if I was able to ask just one of them. But ok, why not! Awesome.

So we kicked off and I had the opportunity to ask three very interesting questions!

What is your daily practice?

I’m doing my best for whatever the day is asking me to do.
I am a very disciplined man but my practice varies also because of the tremendous amount of travel. I have a yoga practice that I do every day and have done every day since 1986. My promise is to do this practice before the end of the day, sometimes I do it 5 minutes before the end of the day, 11.55 pm. I am a night person so a lot of my work and my practice is at night. A lot of my practice is a inner practice. We talk about Heart Brain Harmony, Heart Brain Coherence that is a technique that I do at least once a day and sometimes twice a day, everyday since then Heart Math introduced me to it 25 years ago. And I think that’s important. I think the inner environment perhaps plays a greater role then the external environment. To maintain my energy levels that’s an important part, but the practice is to be present in the moment. So today I am with you and tomorrow I am with an audience. Monday I am flying back to the US again and I do whatever. 

For me it comes so naturally. Gratitude is a different part of my day. Whatever I want to accomplish that day I give gratitude for that before the day begins actually has happened. It is important for me to have a very clear sense of the outcome. With an audience for example. I love my audience. I don’t have a script that I have memorized because that would defeat the moment that I’m with my audience. I become very empty. My discipline allows me to be empty, present and focussed for whatever the day is asking from me. I am the architect of myself.

Can we collectively heal the earth by focussed intent? 

We need heal to ourselves in the first place. It is we that are asking ourselves. The earth is a reflection of what we have come on earth. Mother earth is very resilient is been here long before and we appeared and will be there long after us. I don’t think the earth needs healing. I think it’s the people that need healing and I believe that we are in that process of that healing to become better people and we want to create the best world b version of ourselves and that will be reflected in the best world possible. It’s less about visualization. It’s about the feeling that breeths life into the visualization. So it’s the gratitude for what we envision. It takes a relatively few number of people on the quantum level that have a very very clear sense of that gratitude and that can affect can bring about change on a grand scale. Back into the 70 they thought was formula to bring change in a city. Now it has been found out that it’s less about the people and more about the quality of the feeling that they are holding on a quantum level: magnetically. The human heart is the strongest magnetic field generator in the body. About 5000 times stronger than the brain. When many human hearts come together with a positive emotion it is possible to influence the magnetic field in a regional setting. The reason that’s important is that when this field is strong we’re more cooperative, more willing to cooperate, less agressive. When the magnetic field is weak, it all reverses. It is possible, it is scientifically measured that when people come together creating gratitude. M<any people heart based experienced gratitude that influences not only their family, not only their community but it can influence on a regional level. And it can happen on a global level. We actually saw this on 9/11. So many people were in their hearts after 9/11 the magnetic field of the world increased. The sattelites showed us that and for at least a couple of days we really were a global family. and the question is can we create this experience without this tragedy and the answer is yes. It was 9/11 that taught scientists that the human heart can influence the magnetic field of the planet. 

What is the most important lesson that we can learn from our ancestors, from the lost gospels and recent science?

What we can learn from our past is that we are absolutely NOT what we have been told. We are more that we ever ever imagined and that we have everything that we need. Literally, the internal technology of human biology. We are just beginning to understand how we access these neurons and cells to these extraordinary things that we used to think were only for special people, like monks and nons and yogi’s and mystics and now we know what we used to think was extraordinary is now ordinary and that we only have forgotten and are only now are beginning to remember and as we embrace the deep truth of who we are we fear the change in the world less and fear our power less and that’s where peace begins.


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