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“Queen of Mushrooms”

That’s the nickname of the adaptogen Reishi’s. How cool is that?

By now you probably know I add all kinds of high vibrational plant medicine (adaptogens) that are truly transformative to my daily self care regimen. Why? Because I want to live my fullest potential and take my mind, body and spirit to higher levels. For a few weeks now I’m taking th e single adaptogen Reishi from Mush Superfood in my Cosmic Latte’s daily to really feel how it adds to my system. 

Before I share how I use it, and how you can too, let’s dive into the history of this “Queen of Mushrooms” a little bit.

I find Reishi an interesting adaptogen since it’s not only able to nourish our body, increase energy levels, strengthen your immune system and restore hormonal imbalance, but more so because it’s an exalted spirit herb in Traditional Chinese medicine. Reishi is rare amongst all other adaptogens and truly is “Queen” since it nourishes all three treasures of life: Jing, Chi and Shen: the mind, the body and the heart (or soul). 

Reishi does not alter your mind in any way ;), but it does affect clarity and therefore brings heightened awareness and consciousness. In general heightened awareness benefits to your personal as your spiritual development. You might start to get huge insights in the secrets of life. Maybe you become more aware of the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back from living your fullest potential. You start to see new possibilities and you’re more able to tune into this higher frequencies of love, joy, gratitude and love for life with all its facets!

Manifest higher vibrations and energy

I believe that when adaptogens are added to a healthy lifestyle, eating (raw) living foods, a clean inner body and a spiritual practice it can show you the way to living your fullest potential and abundance. It can help to manifest higher vibrations and energy! And this in general will make you attract new unexpected possibilities into your life!

Manifesting is all about changing your thoughts, feelings and emotions and directing them towards what you DO want in life. It’s about changing your energetic field which starts to attract synchronicities, possibilities and miracles into your life.

Reishi helps to stay in tune and to more easily let go of that voice in your head saying I can’t. Sounds great right?!

So, how I use Reishi? 

I like to make my own home-made almond milk (read my post here for how to do this). If you’re in a rush, a very nice and creamy alternative is the barista version of Oatly. To give my milks a nice flavor I add dates, a dash of vanilla powder and sometimes cinnamon. I blend it until it’s nice and frothy! If I’m up to making a real all-round nourishing milk I would also add some drops of liquide vitamins like vitamine D and pro-biotics. 

I like to drink this elixer also in a more ceremonial way; while journaling and when in a gratitude practice. I used Reishi powder from Mush Superfood and I believe it has such a nice structure and blends so easily with my milk and different flavors, while holding its power! Love it!

May it be a blessing when Reishi comes into your life!

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All photo’s by Nina van Hilst 


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